Youth Program

Meaningful employment is an essential part of supporting young people succeed and build independence!

What we do:

Depending whether they want to work in our social business lines or within the private job market, we give them the support, resources and training they need to meet their goals. For many at-risk youth, barriers like education level, mental health and substance use problems, a lack of prior employment experience or involvement in the criminal justice system can often stand in the way of finding success in employment.

While there are many traditional employment programs in our community, they are typically not suitable for at-risk youth, leaving them without options for moving forward. We are addressing this gap directly through our person-centred supported employment, training and exploration initiatives, all in an environment that fosters healthy peer relationships. We are bringing to life a dedicated strategy focused on empowerment and building new skills.

How we do it:

We take a person-centred approach, respecting individual needs and strengths of each person and work collaboratively to support each participant in achieving their employment-based goals.

MISSION: To develop and show progress toward person-centred goals related to life skills.

VISION: A safe space for self-exploration and development of sustainable independence.

SUCCESS: Participants to develop true-to-self, realistic life goal(s) and to seek support and actively work toward achieving goal milestones. This process will look different for everyone as this is a person-centred approach. However, it will be measured by the number of milestones achieved toward their goals and toward targets set in the program. Setting an overarching goal without the steps too often sets people up for failure, but by breaking down the goals into tasks or milestones with accountability assigned, they become much more achievable.


Youth specific programming