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Elephant in the Workplace



What is Elephant in the Workplace?

Our Elephant in the Workplace workshop is a 1-day, in-person training session designed to engage employees in the important relationship between our mental health and the workplace.

  • This workshop will equip employers and employees with the tools to better understand and address barriers the workplace can place on our mental health and to those living with a mental illness.

  • Training provides methods to increase work productivity and create a healthy and inclusive work environment.

  • Not currently engaged in work or other education programming that would create a timing conflict – we never want to have some remove themselves or miss time in community employment or other education/training initiatives 

  • Motived to learn about employment, work and build on your skill sets 

Who is Eligible for Elephant in the Workplace?

Elephant in the Workplace workshops are available for groups of employers/employees, as well as prospective employee involved in training programs (example: Back to Work, Pre-Employment, Literacy, Employability, Skills to Work etc.)

What can  Elephant in the Workplace offer you?

Training will help to:


  • Reduce stigma associated with mental illness

  • Increase awareness

  • Rights and responsibilities in the workplace 

  • Information on workplace disclosure 

  • Reveal barriers to employment

  • Provide methods to increase work productivity

  • Create a healthy work environment

  • Display benefits of wellness behaviors

  • Offer skills to address concerns or handle complicated situations

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