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Job Entry Targeted Supports


What is Job Entry Targeted Supports?

Our goal is to help you achieve your employment goals. Job Entry Targeted Supports is a service that provides one to one support to anyone who experiences barriers to find and maintain employment. We offer a unique approach to employment support that empowers you to find suitable and satisfying work.  Research suggests that being in regular work has positive effects on your health.


We offer a holistic approach focusing on more than just getting a job. We identify barriers to work and provide support with the aim of moving closer to employment. We focus on building confidence, managing disability concerns and improving overall wellbeing and mental health. Most importantly we ensure that any employment opportunities are sustainable, providing ongoing support and progression. 


Who is Eligible for Job Entry Targeted Supports?

  • You are currently out of work, or at risk of leaving work due to mental illness

  • You are aged 18 or over

  • You have problems finding work, or staying in a job, because of your mental health.

  • Live in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality  


What can Job Entry Targeted Supports offer you?

Supported Employment opportunities in our social businesses will:


  • One to one support to suit your needs and employment goals

  • Focus on transferable skills and resume development

  • Job search skills and support

  • Application support

  • Mock interview

  • Continued support once you have started in a job

  • Help talking to your employer about your needs at work

  • Regular and ongoing support


How to be referred?

You can refer yourself to us directly by clicking here.

Alternatively, to speak to a member of the team, you can call us on (902)539-6480 or email us

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