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What is Pre-Employment Training?

Provides individuals living with mental health and substance use problems the opportunity to enhance their employment skill, work toward personal employment goals and increase the potential to gain permanent, sustainable employment in the community.

The program is free of charge to successful candidates. It runs for 21 weeks, seven weeks of workshop training and 14 weeks of community employment. There are opportunities to earn a training stipend during workshops and minimum wage for community employment.

Upon completion of the program, there will be continued support available. Our doors are always open!

Who is Eligible for Pre-Employment?

  • 18 years of age or older

  • Identifies as living with a mental illness or substance use disorder 

  • Not currently engaged in work or other education programming that would create a timing conflict – we never want to have some remove themselves or miss time in community employment or other education/training initiatives 

  • Be motivated to build your skills and find and maintain employment and require some support  


What can Pre-Employment Training offer you?

To enhance the employability and self-sufficiency through employment readiness training, as well as the opportunity, to enhance employment experience and improve potential to gain permanent, sustainable employment in the community.


  • Focus on job maintenance elements such as personal wellness and wellbeing, essential skill awareness and development build sustainable independence through financial and transferable skills development.

  • Build and practice employability skills and abilities to overcome employment barriers.

  • Receive free training provided by recognized training institutes to gain new skills and certificates.

  • Gain work experience necessary to participate in the job market.

  • Exposure and access to meaningful community employment to build transferable skills, technical skills, and networking opportunities with the opportunity for employment attachment post program.

  • Meet new people

How to be referred to Pre-Employment?

You can refer yourself to us directly by clicking here.

Alternatively, to speak to a member of the team, you can call us on 902-539-6480 or email us

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